Carrots, Beets, lemon, and Honey


Carrots, Beets, lemon, and Honey

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Carrots, Beets, lemon, and Honey

Created with real organic carrots, beets, lemon, honey. vegetable oils meet an alkaline solution,  sodium palmate (sustainably harvested), sodium palm kernelate (sustainably harvested), flaxseed oil, coconut oil,  natural certified food colors and mica. hand made and cut roughly by hand.

All Earth Friendly Soaps are handmade & hand cut, therefore each bar is somewhat different in look and size. In addition, we do not overload in scent because #1, most the time is dissolved anyway, and #2, too much scent is not healthy. Although we all love to smell soaps, too much is simply not a good thing sadly.  We encourage a more healthier soap because what you put on your skin soaks into your body.


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