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Essiac tea CBD Cancer Soap (original)

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Essiac Tea & CBD Soap 

This is the original Indian combo ingredient for battling cancer.  Many different Alternative Cancer treatments today recognize this Indian herbal natural therapy, with a great deal of research and success behind it.

This is the Original first Essiac tea and CBD Soaps. Earth Friendly Soaps makes this cancer soap with only the highest quality organic ingredients with NO OTHER Additives accept for ingredients that have PROVEN success in cancer treatments.

Essiac Tea and CBD Soap can be used by cancer patients as well as those seeking a vegan, all natural, raw like, preventative soap choice. Soap itself is not a cure method. Your choice in soap can influence a negative or positive influence on the body and in the fight of healing with cancer. Using chemical commercial soaps, and even some home made soaps with added agents, fat oils, and many scents are not good to use when trying to fight cancer..A cancer soap is safer with your treatment regiments having same or additional healthy cancer fighting agents in it.

About this soap

Essiac / CBD soap has lots of soft bubbles, gentle and smooth to skin naturally from the real raw ingredients made within this soap.  no additives are used for such.  And as much as people love scents and oils, they are not always good thing if you have cancer!   This is the most raw form of soap, therefore no colors nor scents are added!   The color within soap come from all rare form, including additional top colorants made from raw gerson cancer institute diet therapy of its juicing from a press juicer of carrots and apples, along with 4 greens, beet tops, ginger, red cabbage, sweet pepper, and aloe!    It includes several vitamins and minerals including C, D, E, K, Desiccated Beef Liver from Argentina, Pine Bark, Selenium, and emzines. All added ingredients are NOT added to lye in making so that you get all its benefits and they are not deleted due to heat in the soap making process.  This batch Is also topped with organic Rosemary.

Each Batch contains all organic of highest quality of flax seed oil, hemp oil, grape-seed oil, and another low grade fat oil. This soap does have a higher php, yet still offers softener and moistener.  Still being about the lowest raw cancer soap possible to make, it is not recommended for long term soaking, as any cancer patient should know.  It is made to wash, rinse and get out of shower.  Then put soap on dry surface to preserve.

Each batch contain raw, powder, and/or paste of 100mg of cbd (pending which is in stock).  In addition, over a quart of carefully infused prepared Essiac mix containing original ingredients of slippery elm, 25% Sheep Sorrel Root, burdock root, Indian rhubarb root along with Periwinkle, and dandelion roots.

The cost  to make this unique and special cancer soap is almost 4 times of standard basic homemade soaps.  It is a VERY EXPENSIVE and VERY time consuming soap to make just for its raw basic ingredients.  I have kept it at as lowest price possible for my fellow warriors.


being handmade and cut, each piece of soap is unique and not the same.

hand pawn size thicker block soap bars averaging large thick  8.08 oz. (much large than standard handmade soaps online)

You can cut with knife should you wish to cut in half. Some of the most raw but healthy ingredients within soap will be green & brown colors within soap.

MORE info on oils and Cancer Patients & Vegan Soaps

Oil is absorbed very rapidly in the body, even through soap or cosmetic products as well.  Where does it go?  Well Oils are the fattest of all foods at nine (9) whole calories PER GRAM.  Even oilive oil has high calories of fat content.  why. IT IS STILL AN OIL.  There are really hardly any good oils for you if truth be told.  Its comes down to which is worse.  About the ONLY ONE that is good for you that does not harm body in small amounts that in can be beneficial is flax seed oil.  But one can not cook with flaxseed. It is a very delicate oil and loses its properties when still in oil after short periods of time, and has to be stored certain ways to keep its value when extracted.  Nor is fax seed oil capable of becoming solid for oil to use it by itself in making cosmetics including soap. yet in order to make a HIGH flax seed oil soap, you have to combine with certain other oils and things for it to become firm.

The problem is that most soap makers try to make healthy homemade soaps with other fatter like oils, and other additives, that are healthy maybe for someone who is already healthy, but are NOT good for someone in cancer treatment at all!   The question and answer to a healthy oil in cosmetic is how and which is best non chemical, non agent, non scented;  way to make cancer soap out of flaxseed oil  yet become solid and raw enough for it to still be solid.  And that is the goal here is just that, so that you know your getting one of the most raw natural healthiest soap for your whole body, and not just a soap that smells or sounds pretty full of agents whole body will also absorb.  As cancer patients, we do not want that during out treatment. This is a very cleansing, pure raw wonderful natural soap you can count on.

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