Healthy Nail Serum

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Healthy Nail Serum

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The All In One…   Non-Allergenic
Anti-Ageing – Antioxidant – Nail Hardener – Moisturizer – Serum

 Stop Destroying Your Hands With Fake Nails!


Hi, My name is Christy,

I have been helping people with nails for the last several years.  Many ask me,  “how in the world do you get my your nails so long and strong”?

Now you too can have my secret which took me years to create. It’s from using Healthy Nail Serum!  Let me share my personal experience with you and how this all came about, along with sharing with you my own photos of my nails.

Below are pictures of my real nails before and after “HeahtyNailSerum”.  Prior to this serum, my nails were so weak, barely growing at all.  LITERALLY!  And after a long time of trying everything, when they would grow, the nails were so weak and soft, they would bend all the way backwards.  I talked to several doctors about it who sent me to a couple of dermatologist; n the end, who did nothing for me.  Solutions were never successful.  Just like many of you, I had bought so many products and nothing seem to help.

First of all, one of the main reasons mine were in such bad shape is due of several medical conditions I have had for the last 20 yrs. The root of the problem is called Mixed Connective Tissue.  It is an auto immune disorder, along with RA, and vitamin deficiencies where I have to take shots regularly to this day.  Of course having such medical issues, it contributes to many complications including the slow growth and texture of nails.  Mine were paper thin.  I had lines going up and down the nails, along with a yellowish color and still has a slight coloration, however most has cleared up as well.

Talk about challenges. Never did I give up though.  I Tried everything on the market that promised results.  Nothing worked so I started making formulas of my own. Finally after all kinds of mixtures, I ended up with “HealthyNailSerum”.   Since then, most my nail issues have been corrected.  When I started making soap, I finally decided to sell my anti-aging nail serum.  Before I started selling it, I talked to a chemist who went over all my ingredients. Then i finally took it to one of my doctors.  He went over all the ingredients and agreed my formular was a very healthy one. Next thing I knew, his wife was using it.  Yep, was a hit.

Below are close up raw photos of my own finger nails.  Nothing fancy, just a quick shot I had blown up from a picture when I first started I found, and another one a year later. Nothing obviously has been enhanced other than the close up.    If you continue to use “HeathyNailSerum” you should have great results too. I know this because I have help many people who all have had great nail improvements, including myself.

My Own Personal Nails, From Original Photos


BEFORE                                                                       AFTER

Nothing fake here.   Just images closeup & blown-up

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~ Helps Heal, Hardens, & Moisturizes ~
Promotes Growth with Anti-Aging Serum
For Healthier Stronger and Younger Looking Nails

Plus, comes in large beautiful jar, enough serum to last all year long!


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