About Us



Earth Friendly Soaps is a Quaker & American Native Indian Operation.

We make natural soaps free from those heavy chemicals that you get in stores today.

In addition, we offer our Healthy Nail Serum, along with some jewelry and other crafts on its site as well.

Most the population now realizes all the bad chemicals these large corporations are putting in our foods, drinks, our drinking water, even in some of our clothes, cosmetics, and soaps!   What you wash with, the soap and water; and everything they are made up of; also soaks into your body.

Our soaps are hand made.  Hand cut. And made with organic raw foods, vitamins, herbs, earth clay’s,  and as many natural ingredients as possible.  We make all kinds of soaps, with different types of oils, moisturizers, conditioning, etc…, however, you will not find heavy bad chemicals in our soaps!

All soaps are made with lye, however, in a soap process, the lye devolves when it cures, leaving you with no lye chemical in your soap.  Every single soap every made goes through such process.  You can NOT make soap without lye.   Its the other harmful ingredients we need to stay away from.

Because our soaps are handmade, each item has its own make up on our site and no single soap product is guaranteed to be alike, even within its own batch.   We offer some soaps on a regular basis,  others for fun.

There is a mixture of jewelry. Some are vintage, some modern.  And the other part of our jewelry, are all hand made like our soaps.

Hope you enjoy the site, our products, and share with your friends.

A percentage of your purchase goes toward Alternative Cancer Treatment

thank you!